Second time is a charm

First time I moved to Stockholm right after graduating from high school. I was young and extremely impatient to see what life has to offer, but I was also determined with my plan to continue studies rather quickly after high school. Somehow a “gap year” spent studying in Sweden became my master plan, and I began my studies in Stockholm University. However, I knew all along that I wasn’t going to graduate from SU – I was mainly learning the language and exploring the city while preparing for the entrance examinations of Finnish universities.

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A bit over three years in Finland passed by, and last fall I found myself in Stockholm – again. It’s funny, because I honestly never planned that to happen. Even when I applied to my current master’s program, I wasn’t sure if I was going to accept it in case I would get in. I enjoyed my job and already studied in a perfectly nice university.

After being accepted it all slowly came together. My old friends were still living in Stockholm, and the program felt too interesting for not seizing the opportunity. My Swedish skills were still far from perfect. Suddenly it hit me – I knew exactly what I was supposed to do.

And let me tell you: second time is a charm! Not that it was terrible four years ago, but this time everything was so much easier. After only few days I felt like I had been living here for years. I was more ready – I had become more confident and independent. First time was more like an exchange year, whereas now I don’t care to stress about how long I’m going to stay here.

I think the first time left so many things unfinished, that the second move was inevitable.

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