Lisbon love pt. 2

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Lisbon just keeps on giving. ❤ Being on vacation is super exhausting though – I sleep like a baby (10 hours a night!) after an entire day of exploring the city. It’s Friday night but I’m way more tempted to go to bed than to visit the Lisbon nightlife. Am I getting old or what?

Today we checked out a couple of more view spots, ate Lisbon’s no-doubt BEST crêpes at our airbnb hosts’ cute little juice bar Sama Sama (!!!) and walked through the LX factory & Village Underground Lisboa. The LX factory was an industrial, artsy handcraft and vintage stuff area with lots of unique boutiques and restaurants, which must be super crowded in warm weather. Same goes for the Village Underground, which was an interesting combination of old vehicles and building containers transformed into bars.

P.S. I’m still so cold in the nights that I almost bought men’s long socks from Lidl today. Left them in the store for now. 🙂


Lisbon Love

Our second full day in Lisbon is a rainy one, so we decided to spend the day on thesis work. We almost took our laptops to the technical university close by, but it just feels sooo cold (+14 celsius) that we rather stayed inside, wrapped in blankets and zipping instant coffee.

Turns out that my preparation for this trip is a complete joke: a suitcase full of tiny tops and shorts, when you actually would need warm wool socks, long pants and 3 sweaters.  It’s not even that cold outside, but way colder inside the apartment. I don’t understand how do people manage the winters with cold floors and humid air, without any heaters?! Anyway, I’m not complaining – it’s still pretty and a change of scenery, and we’re on vacation!

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Yesterday, on the other hand, we had a perfect first day: wandering around the city, finding a couple of cool viewpoint spots, tasting pastel de nata and chilling on a rooftop bar called PARK bar. We even went for a 10k run in the evening, which was a damn good workout considering the hills on which this city is built. I loooove it here, so colorful alleys and rusty romantic buildings.

Just wondering – how did people find all the cool places abroad back in the days without google maps or social media sites?

Best wishes,


Off to Lisbon

Viime tammikuussa päätettiin ystävän kanssa, että huhtikuussa on aika ottaa pikku breikki gradusta ja nopeuttaa kevään tuloa: bookattiin 11 päivän motivaatioreissu Lissaboniin. Saavuin tänään takaisin Tukholmaan venähtäneeltä pääsiäislomalta ja gradun aineistonkeruupuuhista, mutta ehdin hengähtää vain tämän yhden pyykkäys- ja pakkauspäivän verran ennen huomista lähtöä.

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En ole koskaan käynyt Portugalissa, eikä mulla ole reissun suhteen oikeastaan sen ihmeellisempiä odotuksia. Olen kuitenkin kevään mittaan kuullut Lissabonista nyt niin paljon hyvää, että uskon sen olleen mainio kohdevalinta. Mitenkään erityisen lämmintähän siellä ei vielä ole (vaikka mun matkalaukun sisällöstä saattaisi niin ehkä luulla), mutta kevät pidemmällä anyway. Takaisin tullessa toivottavasti täälläkin jo kevät pitkällä!

Musta on ihana lähteä reissuun avoimin mielin, ja etenkin tällaisella vähän pidemmällä lomalla ehtii toteuttaa spontaanejakin ideoita paremmin. Ja tokihan sekaan mahtuu myös pari gradupäivää. 😉

// Our little pre-reward trip to Lisbon is finally here – tomorrow we will get a change of scenery! I have never visited Portugal before, nor have I spent much time planning our trip in advance. We are both heading there very open-minded and spontaneous, simply being curious about what the city has to offer. Hopefully lots!

Pics from Torrevieja.

Operation thesis – pt. 2

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So far my master thesis project has been quite a rollercoaster. As predicted, the direction has changed – and will continue to change – many times along the way.

Normally I enjoy uncertainty and being spontaneous, but in this type of academic project I struggle with unfinished thoughts and imperfect reasoning. Learning how to deal with extreme uncertainty and being ready to kill one’s darlings is crucial though, especially for someone as impatient as me. I have also had to accept, that the process is definitely not linear – no matter how much I try to do things in the “right order”.

Luckily I have identified a few good ways to keep myself sane on track:

  1. Write something every day. Anything. Even if you would delete it later!
  2. Work on something else if you get stuck with one part. Hence the non-linearity.
  3. Either go for a run or sleep on it. Or preferably both.

Yayy! Only 2 more months and it’s DONE!

Vinter favoriter

Winter sports are just great. Too bad the Nordic winter seems to be getting worse every year when it comes to snow, and the season with optimal conditions is veeery short. However, when we DO have snow (and sun!) – oh boy, there’s so much fun stuff to do!

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One of my all time winter favorites is ice swimming. Especially in Finland, I always go visit this public sauna when I’m in Tampere (picture form Hellasgården though). It doesn’t get any more Finnish than that: hot sauna full of people in all ages and genders, dipping/jumping/diving into the frozen lake one after another. Sitting outside and enjoying a casual sauna drink and/or sausage.

Everyone agrees to a few unwritten sauna rules: 1) there’s always seats for more people (even if there wasn’t – no such thing as sitting too close to someone) and 2) you politely glance at fellow sauna folks before throwing more water on the stones. You mostly talk about the weather, the exoticism of sauna and current holidays. You always wish your sauna-mates a happy weekend, Easter, Christmas, New Year’s or whatever before leaving.

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A nice tip for outdoor activities in Stockholm is the area of Hellasgården. They have all kinds of inside and outside sports, including extensive trails, lake & sauna, outdoor gym and cafés. I’ve been there mushroom hunting, skating as well as ice swimming, and the best part is that it’s super close to the city: only 15 minutes busride from Slussen!

Yet, you don’t even have to go to Hellasgården to find outdoor areas in Stockholm – the nature is everywhere. Stockholm is a city where you can have it all: exciting urban life and beautiful nature right next to each other.