In uncertainty we trust

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Over the holidays, while doing a very necessary digital cleaning to my laptop, I came across thoughts I had written down exactly a year ago. Funnily enough, they are just as accurate today as they were in last January. With that said, I want to remind myself and all of you about learning to love uncertainty, which feels now more relevant than ever.

Let’s hear a blast from the past (January 2018):

“I don’t believe in fluffy New Year’s resolutions. What I do believe is that this upcoming year will bring big changes into my life. Define big. Well, practical things like graduation, most likely a new job, travels, a marathon. Other than that, I don’t know yet. May this be my wishlist for the year and we’ll see where I find myself in next December.

Some people don’t like uncertainty, but I love it. “Anything can happen” mindset means both opportunities and drawbacks – and the latter ones we usually don’t get to choose. Instead, I choose to focus on the opportunities, because life will surely provide some. Not having plans set in stone gives me the flexibility to survive and embrace the unexpected, eventually leading to something great. So, in uncertainties we trust.”

Life did provide great opportunities in 2018, oh yes indeed. Things that I had wished and planned for, but far greater things that I hadn’t. I became an aunt. I travelled to places that I had never considered before. I surprised even myself by having the most fun summer job at a radio station.

The biggest and most unexpected opportunity of all presented itself in May, when I got to know my current workplace. A startup IT consultancy, where I was warmly hugged by all employees from the very first moment I met them. I didn’t remember their names, faces or roles, but I could feel a genuine excitement and curiosity, that they really wanted to get to know me as a person. They weren’t interested in my accomplishments or perfect professional answers. Instead and this I learned later on they wanted to know if my heart was in the right place.

To be honest, all that felt extremely strange at first. For a fresh graduate like me (with rather limited work experience) it wasn’t exactly my perception of work life. That it is possible to feel loved at work. Without exaggerating even a little bit, that is how I feel like at work. Love in a sense that I’m 100% trusted and cared for, encouraged to be sensitive, and challenged to reach my full potential.

I’ve also grown a wider context for my love for uncertainty, because it means even greater things for us as a company. As we are building Mpya Digital together, we aim to be a company that thrives in the world of black swans, pushes the boundaries of tech and is a joyful work environment. And all of this, our entire existence and vision, is based in prestigeless sharing, belonging and caring for each other.

So no, I did not make any dramatic New Year’s resolutions this year either. Even more than before, I anchor myself in the surprising elements of life (which I call uncertainties) and being ready to change the direction in a heartbeat, rather than in big promises or expectations put together once a year. It has proven to be a solid strategy.

I wish you all an unexpected year 2019!

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