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Spending 4 days in Åre with friends was just what I needed before kicking off intensive thesis writing. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to ski!

There is nothing better than hanging out in thermal underwear while enjoying an afterski-beer or hot minttu chocolate. No matter if you’re in private or public, dress code is red cheeks and flat, sweaty hair. We also visited Åre nightlife, and I wore sneakers and a fleece at the club – would never be acceptable in Stockholm, haha! So refreshing.

Lately I have been living so long straight out of my suitcase – first 3 weeks in Finland and then almost 1 week in Åre – that coming home to my own wardrobe and things feels like a luxury. I can’t wait for the everyday life and routines to kick in now, finally.

Photos by my friend Michelle.


Crayfish party

How do you know the summer has officially come to an end? The season for crayfish parties begins!

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Last Friday we drove to an island a little bit outside of Norrtälje to spend the weekend at my friend Michelle’s summer house. Our pre-party group kicked Saturday off with a casual dip to the rather cold sea, after which we spent the whole day preparing the party: food, balloons, decorations, lights, party tents and playlists. Mostly we cooked, even though I have to admit the actual crayfish had only a formal – let’s say a more decorative – role in our serving. Nevertheless, I had completely forgotten how much fun it is to prepare a decent party with proper decorations and effort!

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Rest of our friends arrived for dinner in the evening. We ate, drank and sang together, putting our strongest drinking song game on. As the night got darker we moved the party inside to the official party room, where we danced like crazy until 5am. Some time in the morning we even got to witness amazing fireworks right in our “home” harbor, and it indeed wasn’t just another amateur show but a spectacle worthy of thousands of euros at least.

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Perfect ending for summer 2017.

Ruissi 2017

Aina yhtä mysteerisen aurinkoinen keli. Kylmät telttayöt ja koko päivän joutilas piknik teltan edustalla helteessä. Ystävät, musiikki, festariviini, festarimätöt, paljon pölyä nenässä, vaeltava ihmismassa, tuntemattomia ja tuttuja naamoja. Ruissalo & ohi lipuvat ruotsinlaivat. Muun muassa näistä on Ruisrock tehty. ❤

Tällaiset viikonloppupyrähdykset Suomeen ei ole kovin budjettiystävällisiä eikä järin rentouttaviakaan, mutta en jotenkin vaan voinut jättää välistä. Siitäkin huolimatta, että olen nyt viimeisen kahden kuukauden aikana viettänyt enemmän viikonloppuja Suomessa kuin täällä, haha. Luulen kuitenkin, että tämä oli mun vika Suomireissu pitkään aikaan meinaan sen verran väsynyttä likkaa täällä!

The most Swedish midsummer ever


Without placing too much emphasis on stereotypes, our midsummer was exactly what I have imagined a Swedish midsummer to be like.

Such a beautiful summer house on an island, friends, sunshine, Swedish flags, strawberry cake, boiled eggs with the mayonnaise-thingy, sill, potatoes, snapsvisor, guitar playing, singing, dancing around the maypole and so on.

Not that the Finnish version is that much different, but this one had definitely different kind of magic in it!