Challenge accepted: Stockholm Marathon

I just signed up for the Stockholm Marathon in June. Yay!

Throughout my life I have been a little extra in coming up with birthday challenges for myself. When I was approaching the age of 18, I challenged myself to read a bunch of very classic books before I became an “adult”. (Haha, little did I know an 18-year-old is far from adult…) I also urged myself to perform at our school’s music festival, which – well, didn’t go so well – was all about daring to do something I love.

As my official 25th birthday challenge I will be running a marathon the day after I have turned 25. Aiming for marathon has also a significant symbolic meaning for me: committing to a goal and working persistently towards it. Although I am an ambitious and usually very determined person, lately I have had trouble focusing my attention on just one, crystal clear goal.

It is good to have multiple plans and projects in case plan A fails, but I also can’t help but wonder – what can I achieve if I align my greatest efforts with what I want to pursue?

I guess we will find out in only 3 months!